Service Level and Quality Standards



This is an overview of the service level and quality standards that are applicable for every assignment of KVDS and is fully respected by all surveyors acting for KVDS.


  1. General aspects :
    - KVDS is always acting without prejudice and under all reservations and without any adverse recognition;
    - KVDS is carrying out the assignment to the best of their knowledge and ability, this in a way that can be expected from an independent surveyor. KVDS assumes an obligation that is an obligation of means.


  2. Assignment and organization of the survey :
    - KVDS is confirming the assignment by email within 24 hours after it is received, and the confirmation is to establish the agreement/contract;
    - KVDS will organize the survey within the shortest delays, considering the urgency, the availability of contact details, complexity of the case, etc.;
    - KVDS can draw a letter of protest to the known parties whose liability might be involved in the case, and invite these parties to the joint survey.


  3. Reporting :
    - KVDS will draw a preliminary report within 24 hours after the survey. The report is mentioning all details and circumstances, known at that stage of the investigations and relevant for understanding the case, and will give an indication regarding the financial consequences;
    - KVDS will draw intermediate reports regarding further progress of the case, if applicable and will aspire direct and short communication with the Principal if required by the case;
    - KVDS will proceed to final reporting of the case, as soon as all relevant information and documents are collected. The report will describe in a technical and objective manner, the nature, circumstances, cause and extent of the damage, substantiated by all relevant documents and correspondence and photographs;
    - A certificate of damage assessment can be drawn up, if usefull, necessary or requested by the assignment
    - All reports will be communicated by email in pdf format. If specified in the assignment or on request, the reports can be sent in hard copy;
    - All reports become the property of the Principal. KVDS is not allowed to provide any report to other parties, unless other instructions from the Principal and/or subject to his authorization.


  4. Competence/deontology :
    - KVDS will only accept assignments which correspond with the competence of its surveyors and collaborators;
    - If a surveyor or collaborator of KVDS and/or its relatives might have any direct or indirect personal interest in the settlement of the file, the Principal will be informed and the case will be dealt by another surveyor and/or the assignment will not be accepted;
    - If KVDS is recieving an assignment in a case where an assignment had been received previously from another Principals, the Principals will be informed accordingly, wether or not their interest are conflicing or not. In the case the interests of both Principals are conflicting, the second assignment will not be accepted;
    - The surveyors are handling the files with honesty and in all dignity.